Top 5 QB’s  This Season (So Far)
By Vernon Reed III
Before some of you blow up the comments section, please keep in mind this is not top 5  NFL quarterbacks of all time. its just for this season so far after 12 weeks. Merely my opinion, while also based on facts including , statistical numbers (touchdowns ,Pass completions , quarterback rating etc) I also didn’t forget to include the intangibles. Does he make the team better ? Is he clutch how well does he handle adversity and poise under the pocket so without further ado your top 5 quarterbacks for the 2013 NFL season:  So Far….
Top Five
5) Tony Romo
Sorry Cowboys haters (Yes I’m one of em) but yea, he belongs on this list. 23 pass TD’s with only 7 Int, so far, Romo is most definitely Pro Bowl bound. Yes he can be a turnover machine, but can you blame a QB with WR threats like tight end Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, &  Miles Austin (though still out with an injury)  who wouldn’t throw the ball ? Why is he number 5 ? Despite his most recent win against the New York Giants can’t forget December is approaching which is worst month for QB so for now he stays in number 5.
4) Russell Wilson
This kid is flat out Ballin !! No, not as in excess amount of materials most of us dream of having, I mean an NFL sense. In just his second year he’s leading the Seattle Seahawks to another winning season with little to no offensive weapons except for Marshawn Lynch “Mr beast mode” himself. (that could change with wide receiver Percy Harvin returning to the lineup opposite of WR Golden Tate) and a shaky offensive line. This is where being a mobile quarterback is a good thing, but it’s also his IQ, good decision making, ability to throw on the run that makes Wilson a premier quarterback in this league and many years to come. from the 2012 quarterback class I believe it will be Wilson and the other who I’m about to mention, will have long term success.
3) Andrew Luck
The Colts knew exactly what they were doing when they drafted luck last year. it’s about long-term success and trust the future is now..between the comeback wins, the huge wins against the likes of San Fran, Seattle and Denver thus spoiling Peyton Manning’s homecoming. Luck, along with head coach Chuck Pagano have changed the culture / attitude of this team think about it: under Peyton Manning: finesse, precision passing, no huddle with little to no running. With Luck at quarterback: tough, physical, hit him in the mouth type of football, and at 6’4 a husky 230 pounds, Luck can take and loves the hits. The AFC South Division officially belongs to Indianapolis with Luck under the helm.
2) Drew Brees
Another stellar season he’s having lighting up scoreboards (minus against the Jets and 49ers) these past couple of weeks Brees is in rare form. Well maybe not so rare these days, with head coach Sean Payton’s return from a one-year ban and tight and Jimmy Graham having a pro bowl season, its like the stars are aligning for Brees and the New Orleans Saints to make another Superbowl bid. the only reason he’s not number one on this list is the quarterback I’m about to mention.
1) Peyton Manning
Now if this was the top 5 quarterbacks in the playoffs you would be number 1 but since were discussing the regular season right now he’s on his a plus game  throwing for 35 touchdown passes at this rate Hill break the record 50 for the regular season but honestly should we be surprised no its Peyton being Peyton and with weapons now to Marius Thomas Eric Decker and Wes Welker are no Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison or Dallas Clark but Manning at the helm makes the Broncos an offensive juggernaut proving that general manager John Elway knew what he was doing when he got rid of Tim Tebow. Now what Manning does in the postseason is yet to be determined,  but for now he’s top dog.
Honorable mention:
Tom Brady
What else can I say that hasn’t been already said about Brady ?  originally I didn’t have him  in my list because of his struggles this past season but his recent  comeback wins against the Saints and this past Sunday against the Broncos after being 24 points down, has changed all that. Plus unlike Peyton Manning, Brady plays some of his best games in cold weather… don’t forget Brady is a California Kid who spent 4 years in Michigan and the rest of his pro career in New England…so at some point your body gets conditioned to play in the cold. To his credit as usual he’s still working more with less no Aaron Hernandez this season (what a dummy) no Brandon Lloyd,  & no Wes Welker. Instead he’s left with a rookie in Kenbrill Tompkins, a Danny Amendola who’s injury proned. only glimmer of light is the return of tight end Rob Gronkowski and yet still as of late he’s putting the type of numbers we expect him to put up. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, as long as #12 is out there the game is never over…. trust me I know firsthand I’m a Jets fan.
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