Relationships from the Male Perspective: Q&A with relationship expert Mr. Lenny Green



Relationships from the Male Perspective: Q&A with relationship expert Mr. Lenny Green

Relationships from the Male Perspective: Q&A with relationship expert Mr. Lenny Green

It’s his voice, the unmistakable deep, rich sound. With a vocal tone and smooth delivery that could melt glaciers, Lenny Green was destined for stardom. The host of the syndicated radio show “The Quiet Storm with Lenny Green,” Lenny makes his home at the show’s flagship station, the highly rated Tri-state radio station WBLS/107.5FM. Recently syndicated by SupeRadio, Lenny’s weekday 7 pm to 12 midnight show will soon blossom out to be heard in cities across the United States. Lenny Green is the undisputed master of creating a relaxed, romantic atmosphere for his listeners, while playing the best variety of old school and today’s R&B music, to east them into unwinding after their stress-filled days. He sets the mood unlike anyone else.

We got to opportunity to get Lenny’s reflection on relationships from the male perspective. Besides having that familiar voice from 7 pm to midnight, Lenny is also a relationship expert. Positive relationships start from understanding both sides. “We can come together to discuss the challenges we’re faced with in relationships but find resolutions and good clinical counseling to enhance ourselves and better our relationships.” – Lenny Green

What is your opinion on relationships these days? Are people looking for substance or just the title?

Unfortunately a lot of people are confused or in complex relationship situations. Those who really know themselves or have been through good and bad relationships look for substance after a while, while others are happy with just the title” until they realize a lot of time has gone by and still no commitment.

What are the deal breakers for men looking for a relationship to lead to marriage?

First is infidelity. Second a woman who isn’t driven to do more with her life. Third would be a woman who is financially in a lot of debt. Lastly a woman who has two or more children from different men and one who is not trust worthy.

What is your opinion of the male role in a relationship in 2015?

The male role today should still be as it always was, to be the provider for his family on every level, to assist the mother in raising their children and overall to direct his family towards a better life.

With so many shows using troubled relationships to get ratings what advice do you give that can help men and women steer away from showcasing their drama?

The best advice I would give is to not sell your souls to the devil, meaning don’t be so willing to expose the negative aspects of yourself or Love Ones. All relationships have problems, the goal is to figure out how to compromise& work through it privately. Please don’t follow what you have seen on these Reality Shows, because most of it is pure “stupidity.”

What is your opinion of a healthy relationship?

I think a healthy relationship consists of respect, trust, compromise, honesty and unconditional love. If two people are willing to work on these areas of their relationship it will stay healthy.

Do you agree that men should also take time to learn and love themselves before getting into a serious relationship or after one that did not work out?

Yes, it is imperative that we as Men thoroughly learn how to take time out to love and appreciate ourselves. We must also learn how to detox ourselves when coming out of relationships. Detoxing not only eliminates but also replenishes the mind, body and spirit to reflect, regroup and analyze behavior good and bad so we can move forward positively.

Let’s be honest a lot of headlines have to do with celebrity divorces. Do you think people get so caught up in what happens in others’ lives that they relate it to theirs?

We allow TV and the media to shape and control our minds, which in turn becomes a major problem in our personal lives. If can start paying close attention to our relationships as much as we pay attention to reality TV and everything that orbits around it, we’ll start to see an enhanced difference in our personal lives and relationships. Gaining control is obtainable, but the journey maybe a little bumpy.

 Relationships from the Male Perspective: Q&A with relationship expert Mr. Lenny Green

Lenny continues to build a platform for those in or out of relationships through his “Confessions of Love” panels. You can connect with Lenny @LennyGreen on Twitter/Instagram. You can share your thoughts or questions below #TheQuietStormwithLennyGreen.


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