Homosexuality In Sports: What Closet?



 ( ENSPIRE SPORTS ) Homosexuality In Sports: What Closet?

I was mulling over this topic for weeks on end. Any topic regarding race, gender, or preferred sex will always be a touchy issue. But if it’s never discussed nor confronted it’s like the big Ole elephant in the room that just won’t leave…ever. Then this past Friday came around when President Obama announced to the country,  better yet the world that the  U.S. Supreme Court approved for Same Sex Marriage  Nationwide,  as in ALL 50 States. There was also the Gay Pride celebration that also took place this past Sunday in New York City which took on an even more significant meaning, the Caitlyn Jenner thing, NBA Player Jason Collins coming out Michael Sam, etc…annnd that’s when it hit me…I get it, like a sign from above…or maybe a light bulb over my head. Evolution….. well more like our way of thinking has to evolve.

Basically what I’m saying is Homosexuality in sports is present. It’s not going anywhere and we can’t just act like it’s not around. Hopefully though if we can just accept the fact that regardless of whether this athlete is gay, or this athlete is lesbian, it eventually becomes a non issue like “Oh he/She is gay/lesbian ? ” ok no problem. However I do understand how hard it is to be the “First” of anything,  but that’s why barriers were made to be broken. Somebody has to do it. Bottom line: let’s all get to the point where a male or female athlete “coming out” doesn’t end up being breaking news on SportsCenter. The more we understand, the more we accept, the better off we will all be. Then no male or female will have to worry about having to “Come Out Of The Closet” when the door’s been open the entire time.



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