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The Indictment” is a new web series that premiered on May 26, 2015, promoted by Niccol Productions. Since airing its initial episode, it has received approximately 13,000 views every month. Season one will consist of a total of 12 episodes and air throughout the summer.

What’s unique about this series is that it exposes the truth behind crimes. Recidivism and crime in the US has become a hot topic and this show dives into it. “The Indictment” is shot in a realistic way and focuses on what goes on within New York City, including alleged false imprisonment as well as police brutality. Despair that is left behind from the outcome of these situations is also included within the show.


The Indictment wants to show that crime levels are on the rise, at particularly alarming rates, and much of it is due to the violence by the police, which are unnecessary and prevalent. This series has also been known to emphasize the glamorization that is misplaced regarding inner-city subculture, poverty, and street life. The tagline of the show is “A story told like no other” and is rated R due to the level of violence that is shown.


A meet and greet took place in July at the Brooklyn Nights bar where fans got the opportunity to meet the cast and participate in a Q&A hosted by Editor in Chief for Hip Hop Weekly Cynthia Horner. It was a great turnout and the crowd seemed to be ecstatic with what they were provided. There was a moment set aside to give thanks and appreciation to Cynthia Horner. The cast of The Indictment awarded Cynthia a plaque of Achievement and notable items commending her for years of hard work and dedication to journalism in the entertainment industry.

The Indictment Meet & Greet

The meet and greet was hosted by Ride with ME TV as well as Tiny’s Tequila and organized by celebrity publicist Ernest Jackson of MNS Media. The event included one hour of complimentary drinks for media and VIP sponsored by Tiny’s Tequila and red carpet photos. The cast answered questions about the first season and their thoughts. “I want to tell a story, not just any story, but one that creates change. It’s time to look at the revolving door of prison sentencing and reduce recidivism” says Executive Producer DJ XXXotic Mami.


Special guests in attendance included: Battle Rap Legend Math Hoffa, Celebrity Fitness Trainer/Owner of Curvy Chick Fitness Charity Lynette, Hip Hop artist/Entrepreneur Bobbystone, Janine Brooklynne Douglass (The Indictment Fan Club President), Robert Montgomery (Managing Partner at Artisan Brands/Tiny’s Tequila) and many other supporters.


Cynthia Horner & Robert Montgomery (Managing Partner at Artisan Brands/Tiny’s Tequila)

The actors had a discussion about how the show portrays inner-city subculture and what they thought many of the issues throughout NYC are. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed sweet treats courtesy of Let’s Eat Cake NY.  Horner said that she anticipated that this would be “THE” new show on Tuesday nights that people would be watching, and with 13,000 views a month, she has been right.



For more information on Niccol Productions or “The Indictment” click here. ‘The Indictment’ airs Tuesday’s at 9/8C exclusively at

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