Dove Campaign Has An Important Message For Young Girls


( ENSPIRE YOUTH ) Dove Campaign Has An Important Message For Young Girls

Dove is a leader in American advertising campaigns that aim to empower — and most of them are spot on.

A Swedish Dove campaign from earlier this year is a perfect example of how the company works to challenge conventional views of beauty in favor of empowerment. In it, they interview three legally blind women about what defines their beauty, each of them providing as moving a response as the others.

In a recent launched American ad campaign for Dove’s Self-Esteem Project, the company is shifting its message to a younger demographic. Their message is for women and girls, but specifically for younger women whose self-confidence is in its greenest stages.

“Six in 10 girls avoid participating in fundamental life activities because of concerns about the way they look,” they write on the campaign’s website. “Being held back at this age significantly affects their future. But we can help.”

These are girls who’re most easily influenced by the pressures faced by women about their bodies, and Dove poses a challenge to adults and young people alike: let’s change the way girls see themselves. Let’s empower our girls to succeed.

To learn more about the project or to get involved, please visit Self-Esteem Project.

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