Meet Jill Riley, President and Owner of Alapure Cosmetics


Jill Riley, President and Owner of Alapure Cosmetics

( ENSPIRE SPOTLIGHT ) Meet Jill Riley, President and Owner of Alapure Cosmetics

E: What made you go from beauty expert to a skincare line founder?

J: In 2012, I discovered the jackpot ingredient Marula oil during my visit to South Africa. Being intrigued by its healing, moisturizing and anti-aging properties, I went on to experiment with Marula lotion and then a facial serum. My friends and family loved the products. This, in conjunction with my desire to start my own business and my love for skin care products, prompted me to launch Alapure and the Alapure Lifestyle.

E: Your product works from the outside in but your mission applies to women from the inside out. Can you elaborate?

J: Alapure’s products are rife with rich ingredients like Marula and Tamanu oils, Jojoba and other essential oils that complement the skins natural sebum. The other component, I believe is important to beautiful skin, focuses on elements that work from the inside to the outside. For example, consuming healthy foods, exercising regularly, resting and staying hydrated all play vital roles in one’s skin health. The most radiant beauty is achieved when there is a convergence of elements that work both from the ‘inside out’ as well as from the ‘outside in’. The Alapure Lifestyle embodies this belief.

E: What has been the most challenging factor for you since starting your company? How have you overcome?

J: The most challenging factor I experienced when I started my business was learning all aspects of the business. You have to be prepared to wear many hats in the beginning and it’s not always as easy as it seems. However, as the business grows and you are in a position to outsource non-core aspects of the business or hire people, the benefits of knowing your business inside out comes in handy.

E: How does Alapure give back to the community?

J: Alapure is currently focusing on giving back to the women’s cooperative from which we source Marula oil. With the advent of the Marula oil trade, the women of rural southern African communities are now better able to provide for themselves and their families. We are working with these women to improve their value chain operations. At the local level, Alapure donates to organizations like Iris House that work to make a difference in the lives of others.

E: What are 3 things you want people to know about you and your company?

J: We Source Only From Fair Trade PartnersWe source our Marula oil from partners involved in community-based empowerment programs. These programs focus on the production of high quality products from raw materials gathered by the women in the local southern African communities, while upholding the highest, international environmental and fair trade standards. The method of wildcrafting the fruit is done with the utmost attention to mindful sustainability and biodiversity conservation practices. The women only collect fruits that fall naturally to the ground. The women enjoy far-reaching economic and social benefits, and it gives me great pleasure to empower these hardworking women and their families.

Our Enriched Marula Oil Compliments All Skin TypesAlapure’s Enriched Marula Oil is particularly lightweight and does not clog the pores. It moisturizes effortlessly without leaving the skin greasy. With wild Sunflower oil, Mandarin, Cedarwood and Lavender essential oils, it can be used on the face, skin, and hair. It compliments all skin types!

My Philosophy on Life: The earth constantly revolves around the sun, allowing us to experience the beauty of the seasons. Similarly, we have to keep in constant rotation in our lives—that is, we have to keep learning, growing and accepting new challenges. This, in my opinion is what makes life exciting. If we remain stagnant in life, we will miss the beauty and the rewards of change.

Jill Riley is interested in learning as much as possible to achieve her full potential in whatever she takes on. She works a day job and comes home to work on her skin care business. She has it tough, but these obstacles allow her to grow professionally and personally, resulting in a more fulfilling life.

Jill describes each day as an opportunity to seize new opportunities and value life’s experiences. “I seek to learn and grow from those experiences. In my daily endeavors, I avoid neither risk nor responsibility; nor do I fear failure, only lost opportunity. I live life without regrets.”

She enjoys visiting different countries and learning about the people and their cultures. Jill writes blogs detailing her experiences and appreciation for the county she visits. It also talks about the uniqueness of each county. Here is a link to some of the countries Jill has visited and beauty tips that pertain to those countries.

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Meet Jill Riley, President and Owner of Alapure Cosmetics

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Meet Jill Riley, President and Owner of Alapure Cosmetics

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