10 yr-old Designer Still Battles Bullying After Video Goes Viral


10 yr-old Designer Still Battles Bullying After Video Goes Viral

( ENSPIRE NEWS ) 10 yr-old Designer Still Battles Bullying After Video Goes Viral

Egypt Ufele, who goes by “Ify,” was being bullied at school for her size. This young queen has done something most adults struggle to do. Egypt took a negative situation and turned it to something positive. Even within that she is still battling negative internet trolls as word spreads on her amazing accomplishments. Egypt still battles bullying after her interview video went viral.

Chubiiline Clothing made a smash hit at this years New York Fashion Week at the Small Boutique Fashion Week. Egypt was the only child designer showcasing for curvy models. Her line also caters to adults and children. She was interviewed by local news stations that went and it went viral. Her story is amazing. I met this beautiful girl and her mother last year. Her mother is Dr. Reba Renee Perry, who takes pride in her child’s culture and spreading a message of strength and forgiveness. The epidemic of bullying has far exceeded classrooms and invades the internet through social media.

My beautiful mom is my rock. #Bullychasers

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After seeing Egypt’s news interview go viral, I was so proud and happy. Now more and more people can see this beautiful young lady’s journey. Unfortunately we live in a world where evil can creep into a well wish or congratulations on social media. I was furious to read some of the comments that “internet trolls” have put up. Again Ify is faced with bullying on a whole other level. However this time her support system is coming in from all over the world! For 1 or 2 of the negative posts she received there were 50 to 100 more positive and uplifting comments! The encouragement, congratulations and praise is what keeps her fight against bullying to go viral.

“I turned negative attention into positive attention”

UN Fashion Show. Great turnout. #chubiiline

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Egypt has dealt with bullying in the school place and it motivated her to do something constructive. The attention from her creativity has her now dealing with bullying on the internet from grown adults. There is no age limit or barriers that prevents these type of people from judging or being cruel to others. Her story of accomplishment, rising above discouragement and negativity is something we can all learn from.

#chubiiline @Small Boutique Fashion Week NYFW Photo Fred Sly

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Ufele’s designs, Chubiiline, are about “bringing Africa to America, one design at a time.”

Not only does she represent a new generation of designers but she also is a Junior Ambassador of Guns Down Life Up movement. Egypt Ufele is doing more than most adults to change a society that has been altered with negativity and violence way before her time. We have to come together to support our youth and the progressions they make. Egypt will continue to battle negativity but she can be a beacon of hope for others of all ages.

Watch her interview with Today here.

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