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Sian Morson is an entrepreneur, mobile enthusiast, and author. In 2014, Sian was named one of the top women in tech to follow on Twitter by the Huffington Post, Craig Newmark, and CEO World Magazine. The following year, she launched Cast, a new beauty platform that uses weather data to bring users personalized product recommendations via the Cast Beauty app.

No stranger to tech startups, Sian founded Kollective Mobile in 2010, to help other businesses and startups with mobile development and strategy. She currently oversees operations and leads all business development and strategic efforts. Kollective Mobile works primarily with startups and agencies to develop and deliver compelling mobile experiences.

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Ese: What was your motivation for creating the Cast Beauty app?

Sian: The Cast Beauty App is borne from my own personal pain point that has resonated with other women. I made a cross country move and found that — especially in this age of climate change, that my skin and hair responded in a less than positive way to the weather in my new location. I was then driven to find a technical solution to the problem. The result is Cast Beauty.

E: How important is it for your brand to work with other companies and/or brands?

S: Working with other companies and brands in the Beauty space is critical to the work that we’re doing. We are a data-driven company that is focused on niche markets in the Beauty industry. So, we are working on partnerships with beauty brands, companies that play in the space and those who are interested in the beauty habits of specific demographics of women. The majority of women who use our app use 2-3 skin and hair care products daily. This about valuable data that can really help to not only improve products but also improve supply chain management.

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E: Tell us about your previous experience in the Tech industry and any obstacles you may have faced?

S: I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2010 when I founded Kollective Mobile – a mobile development agency. I think this prepared me for creating Cast Beauty. I have experience in developing applications for clients and taking mobile apps from idea through launch so this was critical when it came to Cast. Of course, there’s nothing like building something for yourself. You’re always your harshest critic. This works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. My personal experience in technology has been great. I’ve not experienced any overt discrimination or major issue, luckily. But I know that this experience is rare. If I’ve been passed up for an opportunity because I’m a Black woman? Perhaps, but I’ve not experienced anything I can pinpoint.

E: The majority of individuals involved in the tech business are men. In your years in the tech industry what progress has been made for women in your opinion?

S: There have been great strides of course for women on a whole, but I would like to see more, specifically for Black women and other women of color. I think the natural order of things, for better or worse is that we’re at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to reaping benefits and I would like for that to change. I’m seeing it, but its slow. At least its happening. It would be great for people not to look so utterly surprised when I tell them that I own a mobile development agency –and have for 6 years!

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E: How does it feel to be recognized as an innovator in your field?

S: Its great to be recognized. I really let the work speak for itself. However, if I can inspire one little girl or woman to pursue her dreams, then it’s all good!

E: What advice or tips can you offer others looking to set a mark in their industry?

S: Become the best in your field. Become the very best SME (subject matter expert) that you can. Immerse yourself completely in whatever it is what makes you happy and move from there. It’s important to make your work your passion. It will keep you going in those tough times.

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