Actor Ken Lawson Tells Us What Goes Down “In The Cut”


(ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT) Actor Ken Lawson Tells Us What Goes Down “In The Cut”

Enspire Magazine had the honor of sitting down with actor Ken Lawson of Bounce Tv’s In The Cut. If you recall he played Thaddeus Radcliffe aka “T” on the parkers. In The Cut touches on fatherhood and parent-child relationships in a unique setting…the barbershop, where all tea is spilled. When asked what it is about the barbershop and the salon that makes them the ideal location for conversation and gossip, Ken Lawson simply stated “It’s the go-to spot. It’s the place to go to where you can say anything under the sun from sports, the fight coming on or discuss political issues going on without ridicule from the wife or girlfriend, a neutral zone to open up.”

Don’t feel left out ladies, we know the same goes on in the salon.

The father-son relationship is not often celebrated on television without the presence of a female lead, be it a grandmother, aunt, or sister. In The Cut presents you with a refreshing perspective. Here you have Jay Weaver (played by Dorien Wilson), an accomplished entrepreneur and barbershop owner and Kenny Clark (played by Ken Lawson), Weaver’s illegitimate son building their relationship after 31 years of not knowing each other. How many men can relate to that unfortunate storyline?

Actor Ken Lawson Tells Us What Goes Down "In The Cut"

Actor / Rapper Ken Lawson

When asked how does In the Cut show the importance of fatherhood and parent-child relationships in general as well as fatherhood in the African-American community? Ken had this to say:

“In our social environment you have people that can relate to those scenarios, such as a father that may not have that relationship with the son or vice versa with the mother, so to have a show that has a platform of seeing these two different dynamic individuals coming together under one roof and a father that still cares and wants to instill some of those morals and values into his son that he hasn’t met in 31 years is powerful.”

As the most-watched original comedy series premiere in Bounce TV history, you can only imagine that the laughs are endless on set. But what we wanted to know without giving too much away is what can be expected romantically for Jay and Kenny this season. Ken shared with ENSPIRE that he will be going through a lot relationship wise this season as he gets involved with one of his professors. He also boasted about working with Dorien Wilson again on set.

“I have worked with Dorien since the Parkers and he has always been a mentor to me, I have always looked up to him, and to have this situation of me being able to work with him again is a beautiful thing. The brothers incredible and to be able to follow in his footsteps and be around his creativity is incredible.”


Dorien Wilson (left) Ken Wilson (right) The Father-Son duo of BounceTV’s hit series In The Cut


Ken Lawson, being the humble guy that he is, didn’t gloat about his future endeavors but shared that he is currently writing scripts and passionately working on producing more music for not only himself but other talented artists. During his down time, Ken loves connecting with his fans on social media and beating them in a game of Dominoes.

You can catch Ken Lawson and the cast of In The Cut on BounceTV, Tuesday nights at 9/8c via the app or watch online by clicking the link provided —>

Oh, and if you’re in the business of getting spanked in a game of Dominoes follow Ken Lawson on Twitter @IamKENL and tell him Thomas sent ya!


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