“Catch My Lash” is Catching On!


(ENSPIRE COMMUNITY ) “Catch My Lash” is Catching On!

The other weekend I had the pleasure of covering and being apart of “Catch My Lash” event at Brooklyn Exposure. This is an event started by Bianca Williams of B Pretty Inc. to bring together women in different industries and have them speak about their professional experience and give advice. The audience was given an opportunity to connect with the panel through questions and comments of their own.

Chef Danielle introduces herself

This was my second year attending and first to participate. Based on the first event I gave Bianca my feedback and told her I would like to be apart of it but we have to bring more weight to the conversations. What made this event better than last year was the increase in substance. The conversation dug deep discussing topics like what it takes to be an entrepreneur, what to expect from your consumer, what the consumer expects from you and what you have to deal with as an entrepreneur. An audience member got real and asked the panel why should she buy their products and services over other top names. Ooooh it got real good! The discussion went back and forth with some good consumer feedback and business marketing tips.


These ladies also touched on their struggles, the tribulations and highs and the lows they went through. The amazing women on the panel are strong, assertive, confident and experienced. They were able to give realistic advice on what they’ve been through and very open to answering any questions challenging or simple. The panel included Angela Perymon, QVC On-air model and Director/CFO of Top Line Divas; Natassia Constantine; Wendy Isaac, owner of Le Coiffeur; Tia Jackson, owner Johntine’s Boutique; Danielle Chef Moore, owner of Annie Mae’s Bakery and The Lunch Lady; Crystal Carmen, owner Pink Stiletto Cosmetics.  I reached out to my mentor Sofia Davis of Fashion Avenue News and not only did she come, she participated with the panel! A true industry expert giving advice as well as connecting with other business owners and entrepreneurs.

20160827_211421A very big takeaway was support, you can support others however it can be difficult to receive that same support back. But at the end of the day you do what’s in your heart and don’t expect anything in return and the universe will bring whatever you deserve. This event brought together professionals of several different industries to bridge the numerous gaps that prevent people from connecting. Again I was amazed and encouraged by this event to seek more knowledge and be better at what I do. So catch on to “Catch My Lash.” And stop by and support Brooklyn Exposure, the coconut shrimp is awesome!


Check out some footage from the event:

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