‘The Birth of a Nation’ Mixed Reviews


Set against the antebellum South and based on a true story, ‘The Birth Of A Nation’ follows Nat Turner (Nate Parker), a literate slave and preacher whose financially strained owner Samuel Turner (Armie Hammer) accepts an offer to use Nat’s preaching to subdue unruly slaves. As he witnesses countless atrocities – against himself, his wife Cherry (Aja Naomi King), and fellow slaves – Nat orchestrates an uprising in the hopes of leading his people to freedom.

I sent my intern Malik to ‘The Birth of a Nation’ screening at Jamaica Multiplex Cinemas hosted by Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning (JCAL) and organized by Fox Searchlight. He was interested and excited to see this movie. After watching it he felt it was extremely powerful from start to finish and an amazing film. “Only a few scenes were hard to watch but that is what made the movie a lot more bone chilling than anybody thought it was. A touching story of a slave Nat Turner (Nate Parker) becoming something more after starting off as nothing more than a servant to a leader.” He also compared it as a combination of ‘Roots’ and ‘DJANGO.’ What stuck out the most seemed to be the graphic scenes of torture or rape and how the movie depicted that is what led to the slave revolt and civil war.

I read a few other responses and opinions about the movie. A lot of it is mixed with people saying there are inaccuracies of historical events, the drama of Nate Parker led to low ticket sales or people appreciating a film that evokes those oppressed to stand up and fight. Ironically a bit thought provoking for the agendas and situations this country currently and has been going through in regards to race and power.

We would like to know what you thought about the movie.

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