Darius Bradley Brings Us The Stars Behind The Stars


( ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT ) Darius Bradley Presents The Stars Behind The Stars

A few weeks ago I got the chance to sit and talk with Darius Bradley, Celebrity Personal Assistant and Road Manager. We originally met at SOB’s in New York City a year or so ago while working with his client at the time Rotimi and we recently connected to discuss our endeavors. It’s reassuring and motivating when you speak to someone with a strong passion for what they do. It was even more enlightening to hear how he is looking to educate others and get them involved in something positive. Darius is a hard working, diligent man and it was such a pleasure to catch up to find out what he has going on.


Darius is working on a new project “Stars Behind the Stars” which he will be showcasing the behind the scenes of a celebrity assistant and road manager. He is creating a platform for others to be educated on the responsibilities and sacrifices the individuals who work day and night to make sure the celebrities we see on TV, music or entertainment are successful. Often looked down upon, Darius is shedding light on the potential growth and opportunities of the behind the scenes people in the entertainment business.

He has come across numerous clients with responsibilities consisting of creating needs for the talent at shows, appearances and club hosting, manage appearances and performances; coordinates all aspects of travel, security and car services, maintains calendars, schedules, video and photo shoots. He not only has to manage an artist while on the road, he’s coordinating an average of 7-15 people and 3 cars or more on his own. He also handles the client’s social media, public relations and media placements; the day-to-day roles can go from routine to unusual and more. A position not to underestimate Darius’ new project will give audiences a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of assisting celebrity talent.

Check the interview below:

I hope that you will be encouraged to follow this young man on his journey to show and engage others to be apart of the industry. He is making wave for a new type of television, the type that can open job opportunities for teenagers, young adults and others. There are a lot of positives involved in this project including showing an opportunity for independent business growth, creating a career awareness for others to take initiative and to get involved.  It’s not all glitz and glamour, it’s hard work that rewards you in time with meeting so many different individuals and being apart of an amazing experience helping someone’s career.

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