“Catch My Lash” Does it Again: Curves in Business ATL


And another! Last year ended so good we still have to keep talking about it. We had the pleasure of being media sponsor for “Catch My Lash” again but this time we took it to Atlanta! Bianca M. Williams of B. Pretty Inc partnered with Chrisy Chris of the Curvy Butterfli to bring Curves in Business a panel discussion of up and coming boss women in the curvy industry. These ladies are serious entrepreneurs and business women in media, fashion, modeling and reality shows to discuss their rise and grind to success.

"Catch My Lash" Does it Again: Curves in Business ATL

This enlightening event was hosted by the gorgeous, published model, brand ambassador, philanthropist and actress Zyoness. I enjoyed her realism and honesty about her own experience in the industry and how she opened doors of her own closed by others. She is also a mentor and doing her part in giving back to the community. Bianca and Chrisy invited business women who are curvy and have a story to tell that will motivate you. The panelists included Francie Maupen, Miss Diva Curves, Crystal Daniels of Society of Harlow, Tammy Davis of Curves in the Streets, Chantelle Tiller and Shatroyia Phillips, CEO of The Queens of Curves Magazine.

I personally was excited to hear from another publication. Shatroyia gave us her story of breaking down barriers from Miami to Atlanta to across the world. She is steadfast on taking her publication to limitless heights. Crystal Daniels is also involved in media and just broke down how she studied, researched and believed in herself. And she did it pretty much on her own. When you listen to these stories you’re in awe of knowing that these women have overcome obstacles and are successful. I definitely suggest people pay attention to this women because they are heading to the top and nothing can stop their passion and determination.

We asked the ladies to talk about obstacles they faced in their careers and building their brand:

“I saw everyone living and breathing their own dream. And I had to ask myself, well why am I not doing that? I believe in vision. I prayed about everything. The biggest challenge is to get started and keep grinding everyday. You have to the discipline and belief in yourself to keep going.” -Chrissy Chris

“My size was my obstacle. Getting signed by agencies like Dorothy Combs is not easy for me and I still face that. Although I’m a plus size model, my hips are too wide, my waist is too small and I’m not good enough to be a fit model. So how I overcame that was creating my own lane. I created my own brand, had my own clothing line and guess what? I get to choose my own models! If they don’t want you then do you.” -Francie, Miss Diva Kurves

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“My obstacles were financial. I didn’t have a big cushion of money. I got into entrepreneurship to create income revenue. I had to step out on faith. If it’s really a vision, a purpose or a passion that you feel is God given. Then you depend on HIM to provide and supply. I networked face to face with actual store managers for clothes that I liked. I didn’t have a large following on social media and I needed clothes to go network and build my brand. I became brand ambassador for that store. I didn’t let my obstacles of lacking finances limit me. ” -Tammy Davis

"Catch My Lash" Does it Again: Curves in Business ATL

(L-R) @queenofcurvesmagazine, @enspiremagazine and @bprettyinc

The audience felt the passion and appreciated these ladies sharing their stories. The audience gave a great response and it was obvious they were taking something from this panel discussion. It was a feeling of motivation that I can because you can. Another great part of the event were the wonderful vendors. As soon as you walked in you were greeted by Beyond Esctatic, they specialize in event planning and concierge services.  I will say who also has the best ginger punch (I bought a gallon) and don’t get me started on her strawberry lemonade. Maria Paulina had her beautiful designs for sale that are Afro-modern apparel designed for the curvy woman. Semi Polished  was also in attendance with accessories for sale.

The confidence and beauty on this stage was worth the 8 hour drive. – Audience member


"Catch My Lash" Does it Again: Curves in Business ATL

(L-R) @Zyoness, @MissDivaKurves, @CurvyCurlyChrissy and @SocietyofHarlow

I am happy to be here. Y’all just encouraged and inspired me even more. – Audience member

"Catch My Lash" Does it Again: Curves in Business ATL

Vendor: Beyond Ecstatic

"Catch My Lash" Does it Again: Curves in Business ATL

"Catch My Lash" Does it Again: Curves in Business ATL

Vendor: Maria Paulina

"Catch My Lash" Does it Again: Curves in Business ATL

"Catch My Lash" Does it Again: Curves in Business ATL



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