Native Son Contributes to the Positive Movement of the Black Gay Community


( ENSPIRE COMMUNITY ) Native Son Contributes to the Positive Movement of the Black Gay Community

The Native Son Awards was created by journalist, content creator and LGBT activist Emil Wilbekin. I attended this wonderful event last year but continue to see it manifest into truly building a community. There is a larger campaign that led to this awards event which honors the exemplary work of individuals changing the lives and landscape of the Black gay male experience. The event was sponsored by Cadillac, Belvedere RED and HBO.

This movement has created an opportunity to celebrate and honor the achievements of Black gay men who have broken down barriers, defied stereotypes and made a cultural impact. I interviewed honorees and attendees who continue to make impacts in their respective industries.

Since this event, I have been paying close attention to the movement. I am progressively being informed of how they are engaging others and understanding their objectives to be informative. There are so many facts and issues one may not have known about until coming across the Native Son platform. This movement continues to grow strong through panel discussions, interactive social media conversations, interviews and more. It is a platform used for highlighting and supporting each one’s individual achievements or progresses. They are continuously congratulating each’s individual professional accomplishments which are part of the bricks to building a bridge to acceptance, comfortability, acknowledgment and overall support. These are the basic foundations of any community to stick together and thrive among others.

Native Son reminds me of that feeling at one point when I started my journey. I wanted family, friends, and others to support but as we all know at times that does not happen when we want it to. Well, Native Sons is a community that supports each other. They support those starting out or those who have been in the game for a while. This is the type of support necessary to push ourselves and others to be great and fall into our own calling. We commend Native Sons for using their platform and community to uplift, acknowledge, inform and encourage each other.

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