Tanza Baker Defying The Odds


( ENSPIRE SHE DID THAT ) Tanza Baker Defying The Odds

Last year I was blessed to have a booth at the Circle of Sisters at the Jacob Javitz Center. It was a great opportunity to spread the word about ENSPIRE to so many individuals. I came across a young lady named Tanza Baker who is a plus size model for Ashley Stewart. We spoke about what we both are doing and I felt she had an amazing story that needed to be shared. So many people go through substantial setbacks, disappointments, and discouragements. But to hear how someone can overcome that and be better just does something for the soul. It puts you in a moment of reflection, of compassion and understanding in comparison to your own situations. It makes you assess what you should appreciate about your own life. I think it’s important to share your struggle. We all get caught up in not being motivated and sulking in the bad feeling or moment.

Tanza had a stroke 9 months into her pregnancy that caused her to be paralyzed on the entire right side of her body prior to giving birth. It was during this time she overheard her doctors saying only her or her baby will survive. Miraculously Tanza and her son survived. However, the struggles kept coming. After giving birth, she felt helpless and fell into depression. It was at this time her marriage started to fall apart as well. Tanza’s ex-husband had signed her over to be put in a nursing home with the newborn baby. She had to go through rigorous therapy treatments and all this took a toll on her. But it was the sight of her baby boy that gave her the will to fight. Faced with obstacle over obstacle, Tanza tells us how her faith helped get her through some difficult times.

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