Review: “Significant Other” on Broadway


( ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT ) Review: “Significant Other” on Broadway

Guest Contributor: Ieashia Hopkins

“Always the bridesmaid, never the bride,” is the most befitting summary of the Broadway play “Significant Other.” The cast did a magnificent job in conveying the brutal truthfulness of how one may feel watching their closest friends move on to the next journey of their lives. All while feeling stuck in a lonely vortex of singledom and wondering will love ever come scoop them up and take them to the magical place of happily ever after.

Jordan (Gideon Glick, the only male in the cast) is one of four friends who is shifting and complaining through ordinary New York living. But as the friends find love Jordan is having a complete meltdown as he realizes he may have no hope at love and end up being the old ignored maid in the crew of companions.

Laura (Lindsay Mendez), Helene (Barbara Barrie), and Vanessa (Rebecca Naomi Jones) are being plucked off to weddingville and Jordan can’t handle it. While Jordan is a nervous nelly who babbles beyond belief, his delivery is unbelievably coherent. His rambling is exactly what most people have thought in their life at one point or another, “please, don’t let me die alone.”

Playwright Joshua Harmon’s gaze is magnificent as he shows us a little bit of ourselves in each of the four characters. It’s all fun and games when you are young and not really looking to find forever. But when the bar closes and your friends are at home with the ones they love and they told you they’d never leave you alone, then what…. We learn so much about ourselves and our friendships, when the significant others in our lives find the Significant Other.

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