Creative and Free. Get to Know “Tuesday Knight”


( ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT ) Creative and Free. Get to Know “Tuesday Knight”

By Entertainment Contributor: Sheri John

Shane Jackson who goes by the alias “Tuesday Knight”, prides himself on creating conscience music while delivering messages and real life scenarios through song. Born and raised in Westchester, NY, Tuesday’s style of rap has a feel of the 1990’s and early 2000’s with influences by one of hip hop’s most notable MC’s, such as Nas, J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar.

Conscience music isn’t all that Knight has to offer as an artist, aside from producing music, Knight graduated from Cornell University and worked a white collar job with the Lehman Brothers Company. Once Knight decided to leave corporate America to pursue all of the limits of being creative in his own right, taking a leap of faith was just the beginning.

In his new EP “Tuesday Knight Live,” a talk show themed EP surrounding what corporate life is like and what his day to day street life is like. Knight calls his day to day side the “B Side” of the project, giving listeners a better view on himself on a deeper level.


With over 100,000 streams on Spotify and 40,000 YouTube hits, Knight’s music is a calm and vibe style of music for sure. As success progresses maybe there would be a potential collaboration with one of Hip Hop’s finest, Kanye West, in the near future. According to Knight, “that collaboration would be fun and creative, everyone needs a Ye’ verse, LOL.”

The project “Tuesday Knight Live” took quite sometime to put together and it’s a huge relief for Knight. The project started to come together in June 2016, and now that its finally here, Knight hopes his listeners enjoy the hard work he’s put into it. With much grace and enthusiasm, some people just want to make music and be creatively free. It’s clear to see those sentiments with Tuesday Knight is exactly what he wanted to be, Creative and Free!!

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