Princess Nokia Performance at Central Park Summerstage


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Princess Nokia Performance at Central Park Summerstage

By ENSPIRE Contributor: Christopher Morrow

On July 12th at Rumsey Playfield, 25-year-old Manhattan native, Princess Nokia performed at the Latin Alternative Music Conference. Princess Nokia (Destiny Frasqueri) was the direct support act for Mon Laferte. Her show commenced with images of all the elements of old school New York and old school Hip Hop including break dancers and graffiti writers on a screen behind the DJ. Aside from the screen and DJ, the production was absolutely straight forward, much like her message. Her DJ blended a medley of Hip Hop and Latin beats as a precursor to her performance. She came out in a sleeveless white dress adorned with 2 red roses. The feminine outfit was in sharp contrast to her alpha demeanor. The show started with her signature track “Tomboy” which set the tone for the entire performance. Tomboy’s catch “with my little titties and my phat belly” was looped and conveyed a message of aggressive self-love and body positivity.

The message of self-affirmation also manifested in her Afrocentricism, a theme that was weaved throughout the performance. This culminated in her declaring at one point “Fuck white supremacy!” Her energy was inspired as she traversed the stage during “Kitana.” Other highlights included her new single “GOAT” and a duet with a saxophonist on “Green Line.”

The set concluded with her reminiscing about her first visit to Central Park Summerstage with her then boyfriend and his family. She pointed off stage left explaining that a decade earlier she had stood in that spot as a patron.“Love yourself so much that it makes other people sick,” she instructed the diverse audience before she left. Further evidence of her desire to embrace all genres and scenes can be found in the fact that in addition to her performance at the LAMC she will also be performing at Afropunk at the end of August followed by a headlining gig at club Villain in Brooklyn on September 29.

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