Hip Hop Movement takes stand against Human Trafficking


( ENSPIRE COMMUNITY) Hip Hop Movement takes stand against Human Trafficking

The Hip Hop Movement, founded by Ronald Savage, has taken a stand against Human Trafficking a topic which concerns thousands of young women and children around the world.

“Unfortunately, it appears that Human Trafficking can even be viewed as modern day slavery. As each day passes, there are more missing children, young females. Many of these individuals are being sold into slavery as human trafficking is running rampant throughout the United States and many parts of the world,” comments Savage.

Recent statistics indicate that there are approximately 21 million people in forced or coerced human trafficking worldwide, with one-fifth of such victims being forced into prostitution. In light of such horrifying statistics, Savage wonders if any of these victims have been targeted based on the fashion statements that they may be emulating as a result of the popularity of so many celebrities. “Many of the popular celebrities dress a certain way to encourage interest in their brand and have bodyguards to protect them, but who is protecting the average young person on the streets?” questions Savage.


He continues, “Furthermore, I take exception to females being called out of their name on many of the popular songs today. This isn’t music and it’s sure not what hip hop was built on. I can’t for the life of me understand why other female rappers support this kind of discrimination and putting this type of image out here for younger girls to see and think it’s the cool thing to say or to be. These lyrics and images of female rappers and dancers half-dressed in videos and on stage is the wrong type of image to display to our youth. “The Hip Hop Movement is going on record to state this kind of behavior needs to stop—immediately. We have far too many young females outside of their homes half-nude because they’re emulating what they see and hear. If you’re going to be a role model then do just that: be a positive role model and let’s see more positive images and more positive messages in songs.

“Lastly, The Hip Hop Movement wishes to impart a message to females that they are all princesses and queens. Do not allow anyone to make you feel that you have to dress a certain way or allow anyone to show you blatant disrespect.”

For more information about The Hip Hop Movement, please visit the web at www.hiphopmovement.org.

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