Yes More Safe Sex On TV, But Did It Start With Issa Rae’s Insecure?


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Yes More Safe Sex On TV, But Did It Start With Issa Rae’s Insecure?

How often do we pay close attention to the sex scenes on cable networks and notice there are no condoms being used? Everyone watches the popular shows that happen to be on HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc.. and are adult rated. Who would have thought it would bring up a safe sex debate? Don’t get me wrong it is a much-needed debate. However, it’s 2017 and this is the first time we are noticing this on a primetime cable show? These shows not only give people an outlet to feel they’re not alone but also may set some examples for some. Insecure on HBO interestingly shows the lives of friends dealing with life, work and relationships. And yes there happens to be a substantial amount of sex scenes in each episode. But what popular cable show doesn’t?

Either way, fans expressed their concerns for the lack of condom use, especially after this week’s episode. The character Lawrence, played by Jay Ellis had a scene having sex with two random women he met at the grocery store. Condom use wasn’t noticeable which brought fans to take to Twitter.  They felt the show should be more responsible in showing the use of condoms in random sexual situations since there are so many issues in the African American community regarding STD’s.

Fans of the show were not holding anything back, even replying to one of the writers of that episode.

But the question on the other end is why now and what makes this show stand out more than the others.

Well, I am just thinking TV show or not people should know to practice safe sex, period. Are viewers having more of an expectation of a cable show to be realistic or should all shows show some sort of responsibility to educating the masses on how they are supposed to live? Let me also point out, this is an adult show for adults. Not saying there is an age limit to guidance, let’s be realistic about entertainment. But major kudos to Issa Rae for listening to her audience as she had a great response to settle the differences in opinion.

So what are your thoughts on the safe sex practice on tv debate?



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