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Fashion week at the Intrepid kicked off with incredible, fresh outfits for Spring 2018 with a live performance from electronica star Kristine W and an appearance from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. At the Intrepid Museum fashion designers such as Malan Breton, Jessie Zhao and more showcased their new designs for spring of next year.

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Mason Grammer modeling Malan Breton dress

The venue was packed with fashion enthusiast excited for the new designs from Malan Breton. Malan Breton’s designs had a very old school New York City style with a modern-day twist, giving a crisp new feel in the fashion world. He told NY1 his designs were inspired by his 20 years of being in New York, reeling in the elements that make up the city life from theater to the club scenes. The cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was also present in support of their cast mate’s daughter (Mason Grammer) who ripped the runway.

Black Dress by Ionica Moldovianu

After Breton’s showcase, Ionica Moldovianu presented her clothing from her line “Ionica.” Each of her pieces represented a light spring time feel with an additional touch of elegance. To close the show, fashion designer Jessie Zhao displayed her silk patterns which displayed a representation of organic richness. Her designs emulated an easy going feel for her spring collection. As fashion week progresses everyone is anxious to be the first to see the new styles for the upcoming seasons.

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