Week 1 Outings Prove Teams Need Kaepernick


( ENSPIRE Sports ) Week 1 Outings Prove Teams Need Kaepernick

ENSPIRE Contributor: Michael Bromfield

As the NFL preseason comes to a close we’ve seen many surprises, many stars, a game delay, and poor quarterback performance. Most notable blunders came from the Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, and the New York Jets (no surprise there). The Texans and Bengals don’t seem to need a quarterback but the Colts should add another QB for Andrew Luck’s absence. Ironically, the Jets have always needed a quarterback. Colin Kaepernick is still a free agent and honestly the Jets should have signed him (let’s keep in mind they are Trump supporters). After their failed attempts at Jay Cutler and Tony Romo, they didn’t even look towards Kaepernick’s way. Stephen Curry, two-time NBA MVP  supports Kaepernick, saying he definitely should be in the NFL.

Bengals starting QB Andy Dalton posted the 3rd worst quarterback rating in NFL history with a 0.6 in a 20-0 loss to the Ravens, Colts backup Scott Tolzien had a 7.5 in the 46-9 loss to the Rams, Tom Savage of the Houston Texans got benched in the 3rd quarter for rookie Deshaun Watson after having a rating of 7.0 in the loss to the Jaguars, and the hopeless Jets scored only 12 points against the Bills while only scoring a rushing touchdown.  It seems that the performance of quarterbacks this upcoming season won’t be entertaining much and yet Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned. Are NFL owners not noticing these ratings or are they really looking at Colin as a distraction? You can’t help but wonder, are NFL owners the ones distracted from bringing quality football to its fans because of their political or societal ties; or do they really feel there are quality QB’s that just need time to shine.  

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