Emerging Designers at AMCONYC Fashion Show


( ENSPIRE Fashion ) Emerging Designers at AMCONYC Fashion Show

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AMCONYC hosted an intriguing show, displaying designs from fashion company MAJ by Jamie Johnson. Jamie Johnson has been designing clothes for 10 years which specifically caters to formal events. Once you walked into the venue, the scenery and the people felt very friendly and bright. Before the showcase started, the audience had a chance to test AVEDA and SACHA Cosmetics Beauty Lounge products as they gave a brief look at their makeup and hair touch up. The staff greeted you with enthusiasm and were very helpful as far as checking in and guiding you to your seats.  Social media vloggers and other fashionistas also attended the showcase.


Maj Designs

The ambiance of the venue set up as well as the location of the venue captured the eye of the audience as the models fiercely strut down the runway while presenting the clothes. Each of these elements made Jaime’s piece pop as her designs gave a sophisticated 1960’s touch, from the style of the model’s hair to the cut of each outfit.  Each style reminisced a classic raw look that certainly caught the audience attention.

There was also diversity from the models in each showcase. Fashion pieces from Zula Studios, Nicole Bell, Bradelis New York, Atelier Kate and KLÄD Apparel had models from the different shade, models with down syndrome and transgender models.

As fashion week came to an end, fashionista’s showed out in their best outfits, designers redefined fashion statements and everyone is looking forward to the upcoming seasons.  New York’s fashion world anxiously will stay tuned for next years fresh looks. 

Nicole Bell


Zula Studios

Klad Apparel

Atelier Kate

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