A Nostalgic Night for Comedy: Def Comedy Jam 25 Anniversary


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Def Comedy Jam 25th Anniversary, Nothing but a Nostalgic Night for Comedy

ENSPIRE Contributor: Tylah Willis

“We’re not here to offend our audiences, but we’re not here to protect their feelings either,” Dave Chapelle stated at Def Comedy Jam’s 25th Anniversary. Adele Givens, Martin Lawrence, D.L Hughley and many other iconic comedians from the 90’s show, reunited for one more laugh. From Eddie Griffin imitating the late Michael Jackson to Mike Epps and Joe Torry roasting the crowd, today’s greatest comedians left the audience weak with laughter while enriching them with some knowledge.

Celebrities such as Jesse Williams, Joe, Megan Good and more were in attendance to support and be apart of this historical event. The ceremony gave viewers the traditional setup of the late night 90’s show.  Each comic having 5 to 10 mins of reciting their jokes in hopes to spark a reaction from the crowd. From Bill Bellamy’s booty call reference, Katt Williams speaking on erotic asphyxiation in the white house and Dave Chapelle’s off script highlight with D.L. Hughley, each comedian didn’t fail to get the crowd rolling on the floor with laughter.

There was also a segment dedicated to comedians who have past on, among them the late Bernie Mac. Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, and Cedric the Entertainer from the Original Kings of Comedy described Bernie’s most notorious showcase with his appearance at his first stand up on Def Comedy Jam. Wearing a multicolored shirt and pants with his face on it yelling to the audience “I ain’t scared of you motherf**kers.” They all agreed that when it came to closing the show, everyone would sit and watch Bernie because of how captivating and amusing he was.

Def Comedy Jam was a very popular show created by Russell Simmons and Stan Lathan that ran for 5 years from 1992 to 1997. It’s also responsible for launching many careers of comics we see today. Def Comedy Jam has broken several barriers in the comedy world by introducing artists that weren’t accepted in mainstream acts because of their raunchy content. “All comedy roads today lead back to Def Comedy Jam,” Dave Chapelle stated at the closing of the show. Def Comedy Jam will always be the pinnacle of black entertainment and continue to inspire future comedians.

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