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Tomorrow, October 8th at 7p.m. ET / 6 p.m. CT, there will be a celebration and tribute of life taking place on TV One. While writing this I was challenged to express my hope due to the circumstances by which the depiction of this life has transpired. It’s been almost three years since the passing of Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of legendary singer Whitney Houston and R&B star Bobby Brown and it still comes as a shock.

At such a young age, you can only imagine all the potential Bobbi Kristina had within her. That is why this anticipated movie is what I call a celebration of life. Born into the unforgiving glare of Hollywood, the aspiring singer and actress undoubtedly struggled with the untimely death of her best friend and mother Whitney Houston. Naturally the expectation for anyone dealing with a life lost is that they be given time to grieve, but this isn’t what the then 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina was granted.

Bobbi Kristina Brown

According to friends, Bobbi Kristina “was plagued by demons,” which lead to her substance abuse and toxic relationship with her fiancé Nick Gordon. TV One’s Head of Original Programming & Production at D’Angela Proctor stated, “The tabloids painted a picture of two superstars who lived a tumultuous life, but we forgot that in the process a little girl had to grow up in a limelight that she did not choose.”

The struggle facing celebrity children is never dealt with sympathetically in the media or the public eye. Comparisons, judgements and trivial expectations are made about who they are and who they should become without considering the personal struggles they deal with, being in the limelight. That is why I am pleased that TV One has taken this on as a passion project.

The world did not have the opportunity to know and love Krissi the way we did,” said Baker-Simmons, executive producer, alongside Wanda Shelley in Simmons Shelley Entertainment. “Krissi, like most young adults, shared one side of herself with her family and another side with her closest friends. This movie is told from that perspective.”


The cast starring Demetria McKinney as Whitney Houston, Vivica A. Fox as Pat Houston, Nadji Jeter as Nick Gordon, Hassan Johnson as Bobby Brown and Joy Rovaris as Bobbi Kristina told ENSPIRE Magazine that this film comes from a place of love.

Left-to right: Hassan Johnson (Bobby Brown), Demetria McKinney(Whitney Houston), Joy Rovaris (Bobbi Kristina) Vivica A. Fox (Pat Houston) and Nadji Jeter (Nick Gordon)

For one of the younger stars of the film, Joy Rovaris, who plays Bobbi Kristina, the biopic was a “personal” project.

I’ve always been such a Whitney fan that … it felt personal to me,” she said. “I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything exploitative or that would shed a bad light.”

While the film has incited a legal assault from Brown’s relatives. Bobby Brown has filed an unsuccessful injunction to block its release, claiming in court documents that it “contains defamatory untrue depictions” of his relationship with Brown, including scenes “suggesting” that he “does not love his daughter.”

Young Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney Houston, and Bobby Brown

Some of the cast members of Bobbi Kristina the movie, airing Sunday at 7P.M. ET on TV One. From Left-to-Right: Demetria McKinney (Whitney Houston), Le’Azianna Braden (young Bobbi Kristina), and Hassan Johnson (Bobby Brown)

BOBBI KRISTINA presents the first three-dimensional look at a story – and a life- that deserve better. We are all hopeful that the film will present itself in such a way that the lawsuits are dropped and Bobbi Kristina’s life that was defamed by an insolent media is seen with new eyes and understanding.

Be sure to tune in this Sunday at 7p.m. ET for the premiere of this made-for-TV biopic on TV One. Don’t forget to connect with TV One on social media using the hashtags #REPRESENT and #BobbiKristina

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