The #MeToo March in Hollywood Condemns Sexual harassment and Abuse


( ENSPIRE News ) The #MeToo March in Hollywood Condemns Sexual Harassment and Abuse 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Emmanuel Perilla

On Sunday, November 12, hundreds of women marched in Hollywood to support victims of sexual abuse amid the series of accusations by men and women, who said they were victimized by figures of power in the entertainment industry.  It’s no coincidence that after several accusations of sexual harassment directed towards men in positions of power, women decided to rally in the streets and expose the indignities they are dealing with in their lives. The #MeToo movement began after actress Alyssa Milano encouraged others to share their stories of sexual abuse with the hashtag #MeToo and she credits Tarana Burke of Just BE Inc., an advocacy organization for girls of color based in Brooklyn, for being the founder of the phrase. The marchers started at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, walking along the “Hall of Fame” until they reached the Los Angeles headquarters of the CNN news network. Marchers wore T-shirts labeled “Me Too” on the front and chanted “stop the violence, stop the rape! and “survivors united, we’ll never be divided! 

It’s clear that the culture of silence women are often subjected to is being challenged. Incidents of sexual abuse and harassment are scars men and women have to carry with them in their lives. The #Me Too movement is giving sexual abuse survivors a safe space to express their concerns and it’s also exposing a culture where women are expected to stay silent about their trauma much too often. The #Me Too movement is attacking the culture that says women don’t have complete control over their bodies. It’s attacking a culture that says men in power can violate a woman’s body with impunity. It’s attacking a culture that has normalized abuse.

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The #MeToo movement is giving people the space they need to confront the ugly reality of sexual abuse. The #MeToo March was an example of what can happen when injustice is challenged. Women of all ages and backgrounds came together and decided they will take a stand. The march provided space for women to express the urgency of challenging sexual harassment and it helped bring awareness to the action that needs to be taken to ensure a society where people don’t have to worry about being confronted by a sexual predator. The #MeToo march created an atmosphere of acceptance and healing and allowed people to demand a change in their communities and in the larger culture.


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