Darius Bradley Endorses the Become a Threat Movement


( ENSPIRE News ) Darius Bradley Endorses the Become a Threat Movement

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Darius Bradley (@IAMDarius6), founder, and C.E.O. of Gatekeepers Agency (@GatekeepersAgency) is making moves with Justin Alexander Hill and his Becoming a Threat Movement. Gatekeepers Agency is an Atlanta based (staffing & recruiting) assistant agency that provides personal, executive, and production assistants. Darius Bradley is the former celebrity assistant and road manager to “Power” actor and singer Rotimi. After years of dedication to his client, Darius decided to go to Atlanta to help others with their dreams.

The Becoming a Threat Movement is challenging the negative implications of the word “threat” and plans to replace it with a positive idea of what it means to be a threat to society. The goals of the movement are described clearly on its website. It states, “The Becoming a Threat movement promotes liberation, passion, and social involvement in the community. Minorities are often time seen as threats in the eyes of the system. We’re not seen as individuals who can shape a system, educate young minds, and heal those who are in need. I want to change the connotation of the word threat and establish a positive idea of individuals who feel they aren’t on a leveled playing field.” The movement’s founder, Justin Alexander Hill, is on a mission to empower those who often neglected by society and help them realize their own potential and purpose in life.














Both men are creating platforms for people who are overlooked by society to shape their own destinies. Darius Braley acknowledges the moment he was deemed a threat. He states, “The moment for me when I became a threat came in 2016. For many years I was led to believe I was always less than. One moment happened in 2015 during a management meeting in NYC for our client that I’ll never forget. “Someone mentioned that he saw me becoming someone in the industry and seconds later the other person spoke the words “Really Darius.” “Me, at that time, I didn’t believe him either like she did. “But it was coming from the person who I believed was for me.” I realized I was a threat when I finally decided to step outside the shadow of one person who was becoming toxic in my life. “Shortly after I stepped outside of her shadow negative things that weren’t happening in 2011-2015, begun to happen.” 

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Darius Bradley clearly embodies the positive implication of the word “threat” that Justin Alexander Hill hopes to create. His talents and contributions were overlooked at times but he endured and created an agency that gives people the tools to become successful assistants. Meanwhile, the Becoming a Threat Movement is giving new meaning to the word “threat” in society. People who feel like they are too quickly categorized as a threat to society are getting a chance to redefine the word that has been used to limit them. The Becoming a Threat Movement is breaking the barriers that are being used to marginalize people and giving them an opportunity to define their narratives. 

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