Darius McCrary Says a Hollywood Exec Inappropriately Touched Him As a Child Actor


( ENSPIRE News ) Darius McCrary Says a Hollywood Exec Inappropriately Touched Him As a Child Actor

ENSPIRE Contributor: Djata Doumbouya

Actor Darius McCrary is best known for his role of “Eddie Winslow” on 90’s sitcom “Family Matters” admits to TMZ that he was allegedly inappropriately touched as a child actor. “I was inappropriately touched by a Hollywood executive, and I’m not going to tell on nobody,” says McCrary. He made his comments in regards to Charlie Sheen’s rape allegations against Corey Haim. He describes Sheen as one of the most “magnificent and kind people that God ever created.” Sheen is accused of raping 13-year old Haim on the set of the film “Lucas.” Sheen denies the claims and hasn’t spoken on the allegations since.

He proceeds to say “This happened when I was a young man. I’m not going to say, but that’s what it is. See, I’m not thirsty, so I ain’t gotta tell my business because I’m not thirsty.”Which causes controversy and might even scare other victims of abuse to not come forward. A bit confusing to some as Darius is separating himself from the other victims who have come forward with their own sexual abuse allegations.

Rape, especially child rape is a serious issue. No matter how old the victim is they should always come forward. It doesn’t make them weak or even less of a man or woman, no one can help what happens to them as a child. What’s needed is more encouragement than discouragement, not the shame for something that isn’t the victim’s fault. Implying that those victims who come forward are “thirsty” is not only victim shaming but it is part of the problematic message that causes a majority percentage of victims to not come forward.



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