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ENSPIRE Contributor: Tylah Willis

Over the years we’ve seen a rapid increase in the number of people developing diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol diabetes, and obesity. With this epidemic, many Americans thought the root cause of this issue was eating too much fast food. But with the release of  “What the Health,” filmmaker Kip Andersen sheds light on an ugly truth that has been kept a secret from American consumers.

After the release of a documentary called “Super Size Me” produced by Morgan Spurlock in 2004, the movie questioned rather or not fast food chains like McDonald’s contributed to the rise in obesity and other chronic diseases among children and adults. Although the movie confirmed the role fast food chains have in this epidemic, people are still suffering even with a lifestyle change with no idea as to why. 

“What the Health” is a follow-up film for “Cowspiracy.”  His initial goal was to expose who and what is harming the environment. Evidently, his journey shifted from the environment to where our food comes from and how they affect our body. In the beginning of the documentary, Kip expresses his love for eating meat. In fact, he was introduced to the lifestyle at very young age. He also pointed out a trend of relatives developing cancer and was told that the disease is hereditary, therefore he will eventually suffer from it in the future.

Throughout the documentary, he follows 3 people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. Each person was prescribed 5-8 medications to treat symptoms and pains caused by the disease. Each of the three faced day to day challenges, whether it was from difficulty breathing on their own or not being able to balance while standing. They were told that they would take those medications for the rest of their lives. These conditions made it hard for them to live life to their fullest. As the documentary progressed, each person went on a strict plant-based vegan diet. Within 2 weeks their health began to improve so rapidly and significantly that their doctors had to remove them from their prescribed medication. Each of their lifestyle changes proved that consuming meat and dairy-based products contributed to the severe diseases they all had.

Looking at the before and after in each of their health conditions the outcome makes you question, is the food we are consuming causing all of the chronic diseases we see in this country? If so why aren’t organizations like American Heart Association, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and the American Diabetes Association not warning the people about the causes of these diseases?

Kip interviewed a representative from the American Diabetes Association named Dr. Robert Ratner, he confirmed that the U.S. is facing a diabetes epidemic. When Ratner was asked, “What is the correlation between diet and diabetes?” he was reluctant to answer the question and concluded the interview. Kip Anderson began extensive research on each organization starting from their food recipes to who sponsors them. What he concluded was quite shocking. Each of those organizations had recipes containing the same meat and dairy-based products that cause these chronic illnesses in many Americans today. Each of the organizations is backed by many meat producing companies such as Tyson, Yum!, Kraft, Dannon, Bumble Bee, KFC, Dominos and many more. It seems as if these organizations are encouraging people to eat foods known to cause chronic illnesses that they’re supposed to be fighting against.This information displays a conflict of interest. There are people donating their hard earned money to organizations that are created to fight epidemics and lead to solutions for chronic diseases. It is a bit confusing when you find out those very organizations are not interested in combatting disease and chronic illness but controlling it. “What the Health” shows the outcomes of switching to a vegan plant-based diet and how within 2 weeks your health could change drastically. Of course, this documentary is viewed as a threat to the food industries as well as health organizations because it’s exposing the filthy truth. These corporations and organizations profit off of someone else’s suffering, caring less about the persons health or well being. With this documentary, I believe more and more people will begin to realize how important it is to educate ourselves about foods we consume and begin living a healthier lifestyle. Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  We shouldn’t eat because the food is scrumptious, we should eat to live.

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