Dee Rivera of Dee & Co. Group Talks Business, Media, Politics, and Puerto Rico


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Dee Rivera of Dee & Co. Group Talks Business, Media, Politics and Puerto Rico

ENSPIRE Contributor: Djata Doumbouya

Dee Rivera has been inspiring women on issues of vision and purpose for over 20 years. It is only fitting that her enlightening professional path and an outstanding network of individuals has allowed her to cross paths with ENSPIRE. Dee Rivera, Founder/CEO of Dee & Co. Group shared her thoughts on media and Puerto Rico. Rivera started her media venture in editorial magazines for fashion/beauty at Modern Bride Magazine, Latina Magazine, Chaos Magazine and many more. Her specialties are digital marketing and branding. “I started DCG for many reasons. It actually developed through several pilot projects and curated events. My first company was Shop Addicts which then turned into a branding and PR company. The creation of this company and what pushed me to start this company was for many reasons. But the key reason was I knew I had what it took to build a company and grow it into a multi-brand company. Having worked with several fashion lifestyle companies, I used my experience and knowledge to build Dee + Co. Group which has transformed into DCG Group Media a multi-brand, multicultural branding, and marketing company. A brand extension of the Group is DCG Public Relations, Latinista Fashion Week, Latinista, and Glambition.”

Most people interested in doing media have a difficult time branching out and branding themselves. Dee, who has a lot of experience in public relations stated, “ I think the first thing to starting your own brand is doing your research. Ask yourself, what is your brand identity? Are you able to answer these simple questions for your brand? Who? What? When? Why? Who are you targeting? What is your brand and what is it offering? When do you want to launch and why? Why you? Also, make sure you have rights to your name. There are many copycats out there that will take your name and say they invented it. Make sure to search the name and know that no one is using it before you register for a domain or trademark. If you can’t register for a trademark…do poor mans copyright and mail it to yourself.”

Being a woman who has a branded herself and has her hand on so many things can be a difficult task. Rivera explains the difficulty of being a woman with many professions.  “I think there are several, but the most challenging is making time and being disciplined to make time for self. Especially when you are passionate about what you do. Self-care is key to be able to have balance in your life.”

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As a Puerto Rican Native, Rivera has strong opinions and feelings about the recent events that have been going on in her home state. When asked about her thoughts on Puerto Rico and her plans to make a change she said, “There is a lot to say. One of the key eye-openers for me is to get involved in politics. Protest and signing petitions. I see there aren’t enough Latinas in government, so I have decided to join an incubator and see my options to run for local office. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. I feel the world we live in now is not the same world I grew up in. We have to be apart of the change. I’m getting involved in Hispanic Federations and seeing how I can help with fundraising. We currently did a toy drive for kids in Puerto Rico and we are trying to see what else can get done.” Yet Puerto Rico isn’t the only issue Rivera would want to address, she continued, “My goal is to run for a local office, Assembly or Councilwoman. Then see where we go from there. I want to affect all cultures, races, and groups.”

Although a successful woman in media she still encourages young girls to study and get their degree. “I think there are several, but the most challenging is making time + being discipline to make time for Self. Especially when you are passionate about what you do. Self Care is key to be able to have balance in your life.”

We can definitely hope to see Dee Rivera accomplishing more in the future. “ My goal is to build a business that will help hire women and train them to be industry leaders. I just started a brand called GLAMBITION that helps women in business get tools, tips, and industry experts to teach them to grow their business. We just partnered with Google Coaches and are doing our annual event January 20th at Google offices. I also have my lifestyle brand that I’ve worked on for the last 9 years and very excited to see where that goes in the future.”

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